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Our Approach…

Chris Doehrmann Architect is a Minneapolis based residential architecture studio founded on the belief that your home should complement your lifestyle and reflect your personal tastes. Chris personally designs each new home, addition, and renovation, providing the individual service that makes creating a vision for your project fun and exciting.

Designing a home is a process whose success pivots on communication between owner and architect. Through a series of conversations your dreams will be transformed into reality. Step by step you will see a new vision of your home develop as Chris guides you from concept through construction.


Flexible Services

No two clients or projects are alike. To respond to your unique needs, our services and fee structures are flexible: hourly or fixed fee based on your project’s scope and the level of service you need. We can help you determine the level of service that is most appropriate for your project. Design, Builder Set, or Bid Set. For more information download our services brochure.


Design provides you with the assistance you need to define what your project will include, but not the detail required to build it. As your architect, we will help you identify your unique characteristics, priorities, and style, translating them into space, function, and form. Designing a home is an interactive process whose success pivots on communication between owner and architect. Through a series of conversations, using sketches and models, you will see your dreams evolve into a design that exceeds your expectations.


The Builder Set includes the same services as Design but in addition, it offers the basic construction drawings required to obtain a building permit and communicate the design intent to the contractor. You will need work with the contractor to determine the details and specifications required to build the project. This option requires your significant involvement during construction to make decisions and answer questions from your contractor as they arise.

The Bid Set, in addition to Design and basic construction drawings, provides all the details and specifications needed to fully communicate the design and specific construction details to the contractor. This additional detail along with construction observation services can help ensure that your vision becomes a reality. The Bid Set also allows you to obtain accurate and comparable bids from multiple contractors. If necessary, we can assist you in selecting a reputable builder that is best suited for your type of project.

Our fees are flexible. We’ll work initially at an hourly rate or on a fixed-fee basis depending upon your project parameters and service level required. Before you start your project, you will receive a detailed proposal outlining the level of service you have requested and the fees associated with that service level. Many firms base their fees on a percentage of construction cost. Although our fees are initially based on estimated construction costs, usually 6- 10%, once established, your fee will not change if the scope of your project and level of service remain the same.

Additional Services: In addition to architectural design and construction documentation, there are Additional Services that you may want or need to accomplish the vision for your home. We can provide or coordinate services in the following areas: construction observation, interior design, landscape architecture, lighting design and structural engineering.

Design Diversity

Our project portfolio is artistically and economically diverse. At Chris Doehrmann Architect we don’t impose a specific style on our clients. What is important to you is what is important to us. If you are tired of looking at the same old house plans that don’t reflect your tastes give us a call and we can help you achieve a vision for home that is uniquely you. Our goal is to create a home that responds to the way you live and reflects your personal tastes.

Our projects range from small rear entry additions to elegant, expansive homes and everything in between. No matter the size of your project or your construction budget, if you value quality design, we value working with you. While many of our projects are located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, we have designed lake homes and cabins in northern Minnesota and projects across the region including Iowa and Wisconsin. No matter where you are or where your project is located, we can assist you.

Responding to the Environment

Each project starts with an understanding of the environment in which it will reside. Our goal is to make the additions and renovations that we design look like they have always been there and every new home respond to its unique site. If being environmentally friendly is a priority the best way to go green is to only build what you need.

Developing a design that is effective and efficient is the best way to maximize the outcome while minimizing the potential impact you have on the environment. We strive to utilize energy efficient products balancing performance with cost. Going green is not primarily about the products you use, but rather the design in which you will use them. We have participated in the Minnesota GreenStar program, which helps you make the energy efficiency and sustainability decisions that are right for you.

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