Edina Home Design

Edina Home Design

Edina is a beautiful city located in Hennepin County, Minnesota, just a touch southwest of Minneapolis. Starting out as a small farming and milling town in the 1860s, Edina has since grown to host a lively community of over 50,000 people, establishing a number of thriving businesses in the process. Thanks to its healthy job market, high-quality schools, friendly culture and convenient positioning near Minneapolis, Edina is a fantastic locale for the home of your dreams, especially if you’ve developed a passion for exploring gorgeous local parks and enjoying exciting community events like art fairs (Edina hosts the second-largest one in the state each summer) and holiday festivals. Regardless of your location, building a new home, addition, or renovation is a big investment that you can’t afford to cut corners on. Consequently, if you’re looking to settle down in the outstanding city of Edina, it’s imperative to work with experienced professionals who can aid you in creating a home that’s uniquely you.

New Homes

Here at Chris Doehrmann Architect, we take pride in providing our clients with the resources and guidance they need to design incredible new homes that complement their lifestyles and reflect their personal tastes. Moreover, we believe that outstanding home design centers on the communication between owner and architect. Through detailed discussions and creative collaboration, Chris can help you to pull your dream home out of your mind and into reality as he leads you from initial design concept all the way to construction. By combining our passion for residential architecture with your unique vision, we make the process of designing your new home simple, exciting and fun.

Home Additions and Renovations

Chris Doehrmann Architect also offers home addition and renovation services for homes in Edina. Whether you’re are breathing fresh life into your existing layout, adding on, or completely transforming your home with a full redesign, Chris has you covered. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of Minnesota homeowners reinvigorate their existing homes with gorgeous kitchens, garages, game rooms, rear entries, second story additions, and whole house transformations. Maybe you’re considering adding a second story to your home to fit in that home office you’ve always wanted. Or perhaps you’re interested in a new backyard gazebo to make those warm summer nights with friends and family even more enjoyable. When you work with Chris Doehrmann Architect, anything is possible. Please check out our Additions and Renovations page for more examples of the outstanding work we’ve done for past clients.

Our Core Residential Services

Chris Doehrmann Architect offers an extensive variety of services and flexible fee structures to match your specific needs and constraints. We’re also more than happy to meet with you to discuss which level of service is most appropriate for your project. Our primary services include the Design Set, Builder Set and Bid Set. Here’s a brief rundown on each to give you a better understanding of what they involve:

The Design Set

Our Design Set focuses primarily on helping you to define what your residential project will include. Over the course of design meetings, Chris will work with you to brainstorm and identify the specific characteristics, priorities, and styles you want your home to have, ultimately giving them shape and form through simple sketches and models. The Design Set is a fantastic choice for prospective home owners looking for design inspiration and guidance from an expert architect. However, unlike our other two sets, the Design Set does not contain the detail needed to execute these creative plans in construction.

The Builder Set

Our Builder Set includes all of the services offered in Design, but it also offers all of the basic construction drawings you will require to obtain a building permit and effectively communicate your home’s designs to a contractor. Bear in mind that this set demands significant engagement by you with your contractor during the construction process as you make key decisions and answer design-focused questions.

The Bid Set

The Bid Set builds upon all of the services offered with our Design and Builder sets, adding in more detailed construction documents that perfectly communicate your home’s design and construction details to the contractor. Furthermore, the Bid Set allows you to receive accurate and comparable bids from a number of local contractors. If needed, we’ll also work with you to identify a trusted builder with the knowledge and experience required to masterfully execute your project.

For more detailed information on our Design, Builder and Bid sets, be sure to read through our complete Service Options document.

Gorgeous Custom Homes That Match Edina’s Unique Aesthetic

One of the guiding principles of our design process is that each home we design should meld with and enhance the environment in which it resides. Many of Edina’s neighborhoods and homes bear unique residential styles. During your design meetings with Chris, you will discuss how your proposed new home, addition, or renovation will respond to and fit within its environment. Not only will this conversation address the utilization of designs that are efficient and eco-friendly, but it will also cover how your home will fit in or contrast with other structures around it. By the time the design process is completed, you will have access to an architectural roadmap that incorporates the characteristics and styles you love into your home while optimizing efficiency, sustainability and synergy with its specific environment.

Contact Chris Doehrmann Architect Today

Are you ready to design and build the home of your dreams in the Edina area? Then be sure to call or message Chris for an initial architectural consultation. We’ll walk you through each and every step of our process and ensure that you receive the perfect level of service to match your needs and budget. Also, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about your home improvement goals or in finding qualified contractors or architects in the Edina area. We look forward to working with you soon.