New Trends in Architectural Design – What Can You Expect from Your New House?

New Trends in Architectural Design – What Can You Expect from Your New House?

A home can only be as modern as the era it’s built in, and judging by the trends of 2016, this year’s architectural design trends are definitely not something to take lightly. Traditional materials, a new face of modern exterior design and the advanced technology of the smart home are all blending in to create the clear contour of the house of tomorrow – available to you today.

Black Facades and Exteriors

Black facades have already been big since last year, but 2017 promises to show the full potential of this highly popular trend. Black tones help to highlight the shape and bold appearance of the architectural project, whether it’s a house or an office building. Moreover, black appears cleaner, and gives the building a chance to blend in with its surroundings due to its lesser reflective ability.

The Comeback of Traditional Building Materials

Timber and compacted earth are just two of the traditional design materials that are making a comeback today. Vancouver, Moscow and New York are just a few of the large cities where architects are leading the way in their attempt to reintegrate these materials and highlight their advantages, while adding the construction technology of today into the mix, to fix the mistakes of the past.

The Blur Between Public and Private Spaces

2017 is already showing a rapid progression of the blur between public and private spaces. More and more large corporations and smaller businesses are integrating a greater number of public amenities into their architectural projects, and aside from private areas, the buildings of the near future are expected to be far more “user-friendly” than before.

Smart Homes – A Thing of the Present

Voice-activated assistants, energy-efficient elements in home and architectural design and the growing inter-connectivity of buildings and homes arising from an increased availability of wireless internet connections are just a few of the things that are paving the way to the onset of smart architecture.

In this day and age, technology and architecture already go hand in hand to create homes and buildings that are equipped to serve us in ways we never even thought possible just a few years back.