Is My Project Too Small For An Architect?

Is my project too small for an architect?

The Monday after a home show always feels like I’ve run a marathon. In actuality I’ve spent three days sitting and walking around a ten by twenty foot booth. But during those three days I listen, answer questions, and explain what architects do. After answering the same questions and explaining the same process hundreds of times, my brain turns to mush!

How do I choose an architect?

How do I choose an architect?

When choosing an architect it is important to look at their experience, the kind of work they do, their services and fee structure. But one thing that most people don’t consider when selecting an architect is the X-factor, the personal connection.Designing a home is a very personal experience. Not only will you spend a great deal of time with your architect, you will also share the intimate details your life: how you eat, sleep, entertain, relax, and play. Yes, your architect needs to know those things to make sure your home is designed to help you live the way you want. So add some questions like these to your architectural selection criteria. Does he relate to me? Can he communicate? Does he listen? Does he hear what I am saying? Will I enjoy working with him?