A 1970s Ranch Home Turned Modern Farmhouse Photos

As architects, we sometimes come across beautiful old structures that simply need a little fixing to be brought back to life. It’s amazing what some people’s creativity can do when given a slate that is nothing close to clean. This process takes a structure with a rich history and makes something beautiful all while respecting the roots it came from. Here in the Minneapolis area, architects have the pleasure of being surrounded by great old buildings that are used for inspiration.

The article below shows a beautiful example of this process but in New York. The owners seem very enthusiastic and it’s so wonderful to see how important this project was to them. See more…


The Reaction: After just seven months of remodeling, the house was officially move-in ready. And though Carroll was present for the bulk of the renovations, she was still stunned by the finished product. “It’s unbelievable how perfectly the home fits into the landscape,” she says. “It doesn’t distract from the scenery; it looks like it belongs in the skyline.”