Architectural Elements that Add Value to Your Home

Architectural Elements that Add Value to Your Home

“Owning a home is one of your biggest investments. In order for it to pay dividends when you retire or move due to a job transfer, you need to keep everything up to date. This includes things like the plumbing, air conditioning, furnace, roof and windows. In addition to these traditional home repairs, improving the existing floor plan, adding upgrades and unique amenities can increase the value significantly and make your house stand out to buyers.”

Whether you are moving on to bigger and better things, or simply wanting to improve your property, there are some design and architectural elements you can add to your home to increase the overall value. There are many residential architects in Minneapolis who understand this and want to help you add value and charm to your home. Below are some options for what you can do.

An open floor plan: Many older homes have closed off rooms that allow no connection to family and friends that are in another room. By knocking down a wall you create a beautiful open space where people can gather together and converse from the living room to the kitchen. Knocking down a wall also makes the home appear larger than it actually is, another plus when you decide to sell. The cost of removing a wall is not expensive and the benefits it brings with an increased resale value is well worth the investment.”

Kitchen remodel: The kitchen is still the main room that interests potential buyers. They want space, plenty of cabinets, a pantry and yes, energy-efficient stainless steel appliances. Dressing up the walls with a neutral backsplash with also add value. You don’t have to go all out and get expensive tile floors. Many young buyers still prefer hardwood floors over most anything.”

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