3 Easy Ways to Change Your Decor for Spring

3 Easy Ways to Change Your Decor for Spring


“We all have a natural tendency to want to revitalize our spaces as the weather gets warmer. Sunny spring days give us the boost of energy it takes to re-organize and re-imagine the spaces we live in every day. Here are a few tips for moving from winter cozy to spring fresh.”

“As the weather gets nicer, our motivation to redecorate increases. The spring creates a wonderful energy, and we want our homes to represent that same feeling. My goal as an architect serving the St.Paul area is to design a space that compliments the personality of my clients, so when it is time for them to decorate, everything flows well throughout the house.”

“Warmer weather begs for hints of summer. Punch up the grays and jewel tones that we’re drawn to in the winter months with bright and pastel colors. Some of my favorite summer brights pair well with navy as a nice, semi-neutral base – think lighter blues or bright lime greens. Experiment with blush tones in a neutral room to keep things light.

“Some of the fabrics we love in the colder months tend to feel heavy and drab now. Lighten things up by moving away from velvet, satin and brocade and replace them with linens and cottons.” Read more here.