Boathouses of Minnetonka

When I’m not busy being an architect in the Twin Cities, I’ve enjoyed peaceful weekend outings to Lake Minnetonka. It’s rich history and breathtaking landscape reminds us of just how lucky we are to have these gems here in the mid-west.

Lake Minnetonka is a vast, sparkling blue sapphire in Minnesota’s prized collection of jewels. With more than 150 years of rich, colorful history, the libraries, museums, and historical societies around the lake are filled with tales of the fur traders, soldiers, pioneers, and empire builders who left their indelible mark on the landscape.

There is a long history dating back over 150 years of beautifully designed boathouses on the lake. These structures were built to protect extremely valuable boats and were personally commissioned by the owners to be built by well known architects.

There are still many of these houses surrounding the lake and some are even owned by the original families. These classic beauties reflect life as it was back then and have aged wonderfully. These boathouses show how important this lake is to both the residents and visitors of the shores. Read more here to explore these unique structures.