Decor Tips To Make Your House Look Bigger

As a residential architect, I understand the need for space. Space allows your home’s aesthetic to flow nicely throughout each room. When structures are smaller the ability to decorate can be more of a challenge, yet it can be done well!

“Despite small homes are extremely comfortable and charming they can be quite challenging to decorate. There’s so tiny amount of area and you need to pull together sofas, tables, chairs, storage…the list just goes on. From rooms that are hardly big enough to fit a bed, to living rooms that need to include a dining area and home office, here are several decor tips that can make your house look a little bigger without having to exclude anything significant.”

We are an architecture firm in Minneapolis and we like to incorporate open floor plans to let in more light as well as make your space feel bigger and more open. Once the design has been built, there are more things you can do to your home to make sure you are maximizing your use of the space.

A tiny space doesn’t mean you have to be crowded. Take a look at these 10 Home Decor Tips and create a more open living space for your family and friends. Read more here…