An Eden Prairie Remodel Keeps the Best of the Old and Adds Right Amount of New

midwesthomemag.comIn the Midwest, we see all types of home designs. Driving down the road you can see anything from an old farm house to a modern mansion. The family highlighted in this story simply wanted a new look but didn’t want to leave their home.

The beautiful thing about architecture and remodeling is that without tearing down every wall, you can create something essentially brand new. Taking from the old and adding a tasteful modern twist. The Midwest home builder, Peterson, in the following story did a great job!

“The interiors were warm and soft—with maple floors and cabinetry, carpet in the living room, lots of big overstuffed furniture, and a gas fireplace. It looked great—or at least it did then. A few years ago, Mary decided the house needed a full refresh: “I was just tired of the look,” she says.” Read full story here…

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