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10 Items Every Home Should Have   Recently updated !

10 Items Every Home Should Have

Once your home is designed and built, it’s time to move in and decorate. You want to show off elements of the architecture while also presenting your personal style. Creating a home you are proud of is essential. It not only gives you space to feel comfortable in, but it provides a wonderful space for entertaining so you and your friends can make lasting memories.

25 Iconic Minnesota Homes   Recently updated !

25 Iconic Minnesota Homes

The Midwest is filled with innovative and adventurous architecture; the Midwest Home Magazine has celebrated 25 years of publication by highlighting 25 Iconic Minnesota Homes. While studying architecture you hear big names such as Frank Lloyd Wright, and you try to put yourself in his shoes. His iconic style is scattered across our area and seeing one of his structures helps you truly understand how important his ideas were.

Inhabited Ruin: Modern Home Hidden Inside Abandoned Masonry Shell   Recently updated !

Inhabited Ruin: Modern Home Hidden Inside Abandoned Masonry Shell

When the architect of this remarkable remodel was hired to create a new home for his clients, a derelict building on the site caught his eye and turned out to be the focal point of a marvelous design project.
Minneapolis has a fair share of historic buildings that have been re-purposed beautifully and some that would benefit from some thoughtful design. This re-designed building I found is a great example of what architects can really do with original structures.